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The low down on Pysha

Pie. Sha. Two syllables. Nothing more, nothing less and yes that’s my real name! If you get it wrong, I don't mind. Once you get it right, it’s hard to forget.
Who am I? That’s a pretty loaded question. Like most people my age, I'm still learning every day, but I know that I’ve found something that I love, and more than a few people have told me I’m  good at. Photography, that is. South Florida is, and has always been my home, except for my breif 2 year layover in LA, where im quite positive the picture bug got me!
Life is full of one of a kind moments, and we couldn’t possibly capture them all, but if you could step into my world for a while, we could try.
I believe in unconventional beauty. Wishing. Wanting. And Wonder. What I see through the lens may not be what you see in the mirror, but it’s my job to show you that.
So let’s spend some time together; find your muse, discover a secret spot, expose your alter ego, spread your wings, or do whatever comes naturally. Leave the photography to me, and lose yourself in the moment.
Consider yourself cordially invited.

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The Stutzman Family – Palm Beach Photography

And……. here they are all grown up plus one more little addition Charlotte. I loved everything about this shoot, the colors, the location, the cutest little girls ever, and the fact that we are on the beach during the last week of December!

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Scarecrow Mason- The Woodlands Photography

Okay so there really is not one thing scary about Mr. Mason, but he sure knows how to play the part of a gangly, goofy, cute little perch for a crow!

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Pumpkin Pie-rate– The Woodlands Photography

Little Mili is either the cutest pumpkin in the patch or the sweetest looking pirate I have ever seen! I vote for the pirate costume– Arrrrrrrrrrrrr

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My 365 Project

Well…. I have moved around a bit in the past few months, so I have posted pretty much nothing! But, I have been up to a lot. When I left Florida I found that I didn’t really know anyone to take photos of. So I joined Flickr in hopes of learning new techniques and following...

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Heathyr Cont…- West Palm Beach Photography

So this is finally the rest of the set that goes with my previous “storm lady” picture. It’s been an unusual amount of time, and I just now got around to putting the rest up. ooops! H, and I ran to the beach one early morning to try and catch the sun rise. There really...

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Godson Mason- North Port Photography

I recently had the honor of becoming this handsome little man’s Godmother! woo-hoo. I guess you could say this is Godmommy’s brag book Cute as a button and all smiles this kid is.

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Kennedy- North Port Photography

Little miss Kennedy has the sweetest little cheeks in all of Florida! She was such a little angel…..and sure is pretty in pink.

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The Motts- West Palm Beach Photography

My neighbors are cooler than your neighbors!! These guys are awesome, and I couldn’t have ever asked for cooler people to live next to. Thanks guys for just being the nicest folks on the lane —and for that cup of milk, sugar, mustard seeds, butter, olive oil, and any other randomness we have ever requested...

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Backyard Buddies- West Palm Beach Photography

This is nothing real awesome but it makes me laugh and I wanted to share it! I am home for a week and of course I thought it would be a great idea to have a backyard photo shoot in the middle of the night with complete randomness surrounding us. I guess you could say...

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Storm Lady- West Palm Beach Photography

I took this picture late last year, and have just gotten around to finally editing the set! (Which I will post the rest soon) Well, in the mean time I have been pretty much obsessed with learning new techniques, stalking people on Flickr, and trying to produce something outside my usual “Pysha Bubble”. Here it...

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