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Pysha Photography bio picture

The low down on Pysha

Pie. Sha. Two syllables. Nothing more, nothing less and yes that’s my real name! If you get it wrong, I don't mind. Once you get it right, it’s hard to forget.
Who am I? That’s a pretty loaded question. Like most people my age, I'm still learning every day, but I know that I’ve found something that I love, and more than a few people have told me I’m  good at. Photography, that is. South Florida is, and has always been my home, except for my breif 2 year layover in LA, where im quite positive the picture bug got me!
Life is full of one of a kind moments, and we couldn’t possibly capture them all, but if you could step into my world for a while, we could try.
I believe in unconventional beauty. Wishing. Wanting. And Wonder. What I see through the lens may not be what you see in the mirror, but it’s my job to show you that.
So let’s spend some time together; find your muse, discover a secret spot, expose your alter ego, spread your wings, or do whatever comes naturally. Leave the photography to me, and lose yourself in the moment.
Consider yourself cordially invited.

Category Archives: Lifestyle

Heathyr Cont…- West Palm Beach Photography

So this is finally the rest of the set that goes with my previous “storm lady” picture. It’s been an unusual amount of time, and I just now got around to putting the rest up. ooops! H, and I ran to the beach one early morning to try and catch the sun rise. There really...

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Michelle – Los Angeles Photography

While I lived in LA I had the absolute pleasure of befriending Michelle, a Canadian who says funny words and eats strange things like Kraft Dinner and Ketchup chips. We started off as neighbors, then friends, then roommates (I am quite sure it was divine intervention to say the least). She truly is one of...

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Samantha- West Palm Photography

This shoot was all about personality. Kinda like “personality portraits” back in high school, but this time it was all about Samantha. She is about to have a milestone birthday so we set out to see if we could catch some of her personality! As you can see we had a busy day and I...

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Red Carpet- Delray Beach Photography

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes prior to walking down the red carpet? Lots of primping, texting, drinking, eating, hair spray, flat irons, perfume, freaked out nerves, and of course picture taking! This was our day as Lady Lash celebrated their year anniversary in major style, and I mean major style. The Ritz, a...

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PeterMark- Delray Beach Photography

Where should you go if you need a fabulous hair make over? PeterMark Salon in Delray Beach! We played around one afternoon at a fabulous house on the water and took some promo shots for them. I know the hair looks amazing, but if you look real close you might notice the hot models lounging...

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Family Love- West Palm Photography

After a few weeks of planning and schedule re-working I finally was able to catch up with the Minns! I believe through our correspondence we joked saying we will finally shoot this weekend rain or shine…and don’t ya know it rained…I guess thats Florida for ya, but we got creative and put the inside of...

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Spa Day- West Palm Photography

Tristin. She owns Spa Skiin located on 2nd ave in down town Delray. She is amazing. Spa Skiin is amazing.  They offer tons of stuff to help clear your mind, body and soul! As soon as you walk in the front door and make your way up the stairs your senses become dazzled in every possible way....

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Kenny & Karla – West Palm Photography

Kenny is a member of one of my all time favorite families…the Hilgendorfs! 2010 seems to be a very blessed year for them as they will have two weddings and come October a new grandbaby. I am so excited for them and extremely happy that I could be apart of all the good, wonderful, and amazing things taking...

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A runners world- West Palm Photography

When I was in High School my volleyball team played in a tournament at a local college in down town West Palm Beach. With warm up space being limited, our coach told us to take a jog outside where there was ample room for us to prepare for our match (aka goof around and gossip)...

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Bea-utiful ~~West Palm Photography

Sin City meets Victoria’s Secret, meets Rapunzel! Now meet Bea.

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