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The low down on Pysha

Pie. Sha. Two syllables. Nothing more, nothing less and yes that’s my real name! If you get it wrong, I don't mind. Once you get it right, it’s hard to forget.
Who am I? That’s a pretty loaded question. Like most people my age, I'm still learning every day, but I know that I’ve found something that I love, and more than a few people have told me I’m  good at. Photography, that is. South Florida is, and has always been my home, except for my breif 2 year layover in LA, where im quite positive the picture bug got me!
Life is full of one of a kind moments, and we couldn’t possibly capture them all, but if you could step into my world for a while, we could try.
I believe in unconventional beauty. Wishing. Wanting. And Wonder. What I see through the lens may not be what you see in the mirror, but it’s my job to show you that.
So let’s spend some time together; find your muse, discover a secret spot, expose your alter ego, spread your wings, or do whatever comes naturally. Leave the photography to me, and lose yourself in the moment.
Consider yourself cordially invited.

Category Archives: Family

The Stutzman Family – Palm Beach Photography

And……. here they are all grown up plus one more little addition Charlotte. I loved everything about this shoot, the colors, the location, the cutest little girls ever, and the fact that we are on the beach during the last week of December!

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The Motts- West Palm Beach Photography

My neighbors are cooler than your neighbors!! These guys are awesome, and I couldn’t have ever asked for cooler people to live next to. Thanks guys for just being the nicest folks on the lane —and for that cup of milk, sugar, mustard seeds, butter, olive oil, and any other randomness we have ever requested...

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Kristen – West Palm Beach Photography

Finally a little girl!!! I have had so many little handsome men to photograph that I was in need of some sugar and spice. 4 week old Kristen and her cheeks (Love them) spent an afternoon with me as we attempted to capture all her cuteness! She wasn’t a very sleepy baby but those big...

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Mason- Houston Photography

Totally playing favorites here, but one of my most favorite people in the the whole wide world just expanded her family by one and had a little boy! He is my sunshine! Thank you Lindsay & Sean for such a perfect little nephew<3 I promise to love him, and spoil him, and take way too...

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Family Matters- West Palm Photography

They’re back!!!! I am officially putting it on the record that this family is stalking me. But I love it <3 and I can’t wait to watch this family continue to grow.

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The Stutzmans- West Palm Photography

So I guess when you live in the same place you were raised you’re bound to run into people from your past…. well this was definitely a blast from my past. I went to elementary school with Randy and Jennifer and was delighted to photograph them with their 6 month old little girl Maddie (who...

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Cayd- West Palm Baby Photography

Yup… that fabulous couple I have been stalking for a few months now have officially expanded! He is just the most perfect thing I ever did see and as you will tell by the following, I had a really hard time not putting up every single picture ( because they are all amazing) So i...

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Family Love- West Palm Photography

After a few weeks of planning and schedule re-working I finally was able to catch up with the Minns! I believe through our correspondence we joked saying we will finally shoot this weekend rain or shine…and don’t ya know it rained…I guess thats Florida for ya, but we got creative and put the inside of...

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A walk in the park- West Palm Photography

A few of my furry family members

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Love is in the air -West Palm Photography

You know, just hanging around a gazeebo looking all in love!

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