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Pysha Photography bio picture

The low down on Pysha

Pie. Sha. Two syllables. Nothing more, nothing less and yes that’s my real name! If you get it wrong, I don't mind. Once you get it right, it’s hard to forget.
Who am I? That’s a pretty loaded question. Like most people my age, I'm still learning every day, but I know that I’ve found something that I love, and more than a few people have told me I’m  good at. Photography, that is. South Florida is, and has always been my home, except for my breif 2 year layover in LA, where im quite positive the picture bug got me!
Life is full of one of a kind moments, and we couldn’t possibly capture them all, but if you could step into my world for a while, we could try.
I believe in unconventional beauty. Wishing. Wanting. And Wonder. What I see through the lens may not be what you see in the mirror, but it’s my job to show you that.
So let’s spend some time together; find your muse, discover a secret spot, expose your alter ego, spread your wings, or do whatever comes naturally. Leave the photography to me, and lose yourself in the moment.
Consider yourself cordially invited.

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Michelle – Los Angeles Photography

While I lived in LA I had the absolute pleasure of befriending Michelle, a Canadian who says funny words and eats strange things like Kraft Dinner and Ketchup chips. We started off as neighbors, then friends, then roommates (I am quite sure it was divine intervention to say the least). She truly is one of...

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Mason #2 – Delray Beach Photography

Introducing Mason II— as in the 2nd Mason I have had the honor to photograph. He is Cayd’s BFF (whom I have stalked regularly and you can easily find in my archives) and he has the most amazing cheeks, swirly little curls, and big brown eyes. Ahhhhhhh, only a face just everybody can love! !

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Jessica- Lake Worth Photography

Jessica and I had been planning to shoot for some time and after several crazy ideas… this is what the final product was one early & chilly morning. The alley was smelly, wet, slippery, dirty, and honestly just perfect! Also, as a side note (not really having anything to do with these pictures but kinda...

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Mason- Houston Photography

Totally playing favorites here, but one of my most favorite people in the the whole wide world just expanded her family by one and had a little boy! He is my sunshine! Thank you Lindsay & Sean for such a perfect little nephew<3 I promise to love him, and spoil him, and take way too...

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Austin- West Palm Photography

This here is little Mr. Austin, and although he was a bit fussy and made a liar out of his Mommy (Oh he sleeps really well) we still were able to snap some cute ones of this wide-awake little guy. Austin is the newest addition for my dear friend Nikki who over the years and...

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